Our Story

Who we are


We’re on a mission to bring horsey people together.

As a community of horse lovers, we’ve come together to create a space for like-minded individuals. Horsey People offers members the chance to win premium horse & country prizes and provides exclusive access to discounts at 50+ horse & country retailers. For every dollar spent with Horsey People we make a contribution straight back to Drought Angels, helping Aussie farmers in need.

Simply put, we’re an horse & country rewards club making a positive impact. By Horsey People, for horsey people.

What we do

Horsey People is split into two distinct components: giving back to you, and giving back to Aussie farmers.

Part One: Rewards & Giveaways

Retailer Rewards and Free Giveaways

With a Horsey People membership, you’re securing access to exclusive discounts and enticing prizes.

Each month, we give away a an incredible prizes to our members. So far we’ve given away over $180k in prizes including horse floats, UTV’s and utes! Stay tuned as our giveaways grow, and enjoy discounts with all our partners covering both horse and country needs.

Simply put, we’re an horse & country rewards club. By Horsey People, for horsey people.

Part Two: Meaningful Donation

Giving Back to the Community

Horsey People is a profits for purpose company with the primary goal of benefitting our horse-loving community. That’s why a portion of every purchase will go straight to charity that’s close to all our hearts. 

Horsey People will alternate different charities to support to ensure we give back in the most meaningful way. We’re now supporting Aussie farmers in need through Drought Angels. 

We aspire to drive positive change by offering our community a way to give back to themselves and those around us. Save money on horse & country products you need, win incredible prizes, and support horse & country charities.

That’s a win in our books.

Our Story

Horsey People isn’t just a company; we are a family team. You may have heard of our boutique agistment, Adelia Park, located in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.
We are Menashe, Sivan, Clara Rose, and Nala. We’ve built our lives around our trusty steeds, which is why we founded Horsey People: to connect with you and give back to our community.


You’ve heard the story before: boy meets horsey girl. Boy loves girl and horses, too. Boy gets his own horse and is now officially a horsey person. Boy marries girl and voila!

Skip forward to Boxing Day, 2018. My boy Joey was a friendly giant; the kind of horse that only comes around once in a lifetime.

I’m sad to say this story doesn’t have a happy ending. Joey was revelling in his post-Christmas hooning session when he tripped and took a nasty fall. Why do these things always happen after hours, on a public holiday, or on a weekend? Joey had a fracture that needed emergency surgery.

Without the surgery, he would have to be put to sleep then and there to release him from his pain. As a student without two spare dollars to rub together, I couldn’t come up with the funds and made the impossible decision to let Joey pass to horsey heaven.

That was one of the hardest days I’ve had. They say the best of us head to heaven the earliest.

What bothered me then and sticks with me to this day is that there is no outside help to turn to in that time of need. I know countless horsey people have been faced with similar gut-wrenching choices.


Compare Joey’s story to that of our boy, JJ.

JJ is Sivan’s first horse, and has been a beloved part of the family for more than a decade. In contrast to Joey, he’s never been much of a looker — it’s his affectionate and goofy personality that makes him shine. If he could sit on the couch with us, he would.

JJ developed a cyst in his nasal cavity that caused him discomfort and made it difficult to breathe. It caused his face to swell, and irritated his eyes.

The prognosis was good: if he had surgery to remove the cyst, JJ would make a full recovery aside from a cute little bump on his face (he’s like a unicorn now).

If we couldn’t afford surgery, well… we don’t need to go there. Fortunately, we could afford JJ’s treatment and he’s as happy as ever sporting some expensive battle scars.

It’s terrifying to think that had we not been able to afford JJ’s surgery, he would be joining his brother Joey across the rainbow bridge.

This is where Horsey People comes in. We know the pain and fear of unexpected medical bills. If our story resonates with you, it’s because we’re all in this boat together — it can happen any time, in the blink of an eye.

We’re committed to changing the landscape for this issue in our community. It’s not easy to fund a charity, but we’ve built a business that allows us to help our companions and give back to horsey people, too.

Horsey People’s two-pronged approach allows us to use profit for purpose. We run mind-blowing monthly giveaways and offer incredible discounts at your favourite horsey retailers, all while giving a portion back to horsey charities every month.

Our vision is to eventually start our own charity to help regular horsey people pay for unexpected vet bills but until then, we’ll be giving back to different horsey charities every month. 

Join us in our mission. We need every one of you to be Horsey People.

With love,
Menashe & Sivan
A couple of horsey people.


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